Dining Room Disaster

Drying out the dining room

What happens when your roof leaks and you don’t fix it? You get a mess. The roof in this house leaked over a period of ten years without being fixed. Therefore, we had to dry out the room and make repairs so this house could be listed for sale.

What we had to do to fix this situation:

First, we needed to remove the dining room ceiling. That ceiling then needed to be replaced and we had to match the paint to the rest of the room. Re-plastering and re-texturing the room was also a necessary component of this job.

Because the room was so humid from the water damage, it was necessary to dry the room for several days to ensure that the surfaces and supporting structures were dry enough to accommodate the repairs properly.

From start to finish, it took approximately two weeks for the finished room.

This all happened because gutters were not cleaned and roof damage not addressed, so costly repairs were necessary. Proper home maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you find yourself in need of our services to repair damage such as this, please contact us today.