Project Gallery

  • Rotten Wing Wall

    This wing wall had rotted due to improper flashing. Repairs attempted by a handyman had failed. We needed to redo the wall and installed new copper […]
    Finished wall with new copper flashing, light, and cedar planking
  • Fireplace and Hearth Repair

    The fireplace hearth and part of the fireplace itself were loose. We were contracted to repair and finish the fireplace.
  • Glass Block Window

    We were contracted to repair a glass block window in a basement. The old window had to be removed, the opening enlarged to accommodate modern glass […]
  • Dining Room Disaster

    What happens when your roof leaks and you don’t fix it? You get a mess. The roof in this house leaked over a period of ten […]
  • Collapsed Wall Repair

    This wall between two garage doors had collapsed due to improper water drainage which ruined the mortar in place. We tore out the wall and relaid […]
  • Chimney Repair

    This chimney was falling apart and had to be reconstructed. Removing the old chimney was difficult because a ‘new’ chimney had been built over the original chimney, […]
  • Retaining Wall

    This project took about a month. The retaining wall, built in 1918, was in need of repair as it was falling down in several places. The […]
  • Planter Repair

    We were contracted to repair a planter in a modern style house. The top was loose. We successfully removed the top stone and relaid it, also […]
  • Deck Repair

    We were contracted to repair one of several decks on a lovely, Southern plantation-style home in the area. This home is designed to look ‘vintage’, but […]
  • Lannon Stone Planter

    This Lannon stone planter was falling apart and had split. We tore down most of the back side and relaid the stone. We also had to […]
  • Tuck Pointing

    We retuckpointed the Chicago Pink brick on this entire house from the first set of windows down. We had to pull out the window sills because […]
  • Brick Facing on Home

    The brick on this home was falling off due to water getting behind the brick. We solved the water issue and rebuilt the wall from the […]
  • Chimney Cap

    This is from the top of a mid-century house. The chimney  was in need of repair. We had to re-tuck point and re-lay the cap of […]
  • Chimney Repair

    We were contracted to repair a brick chimney on a Waterford, Wisconsin lake home which was originally constructed in the 1930s. The chimney was crumbling and […]